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What Is Sports Therapy?

Unlike the title suggests, sports therapy is not just for sporting injuries!

Sports therapy is an area of healthcare concerned with the assessment and prevention of injury, and rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functionality, whether that be occupational or sports specific fitness. A sports therapist will aim to not only treat the symptoms of injury or dysfunction, but identify the causes to reduce the risk of future re-injury.

How We Can Help You

Sports therapists can treat any form of injury or movement dysfunction, using a variety of techniques including massage therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, joint mobilisations, taping and exercise prescription, a sports therapist can treat anything from an acute ankle sprain to repetitive shoulder strain and chronic back pain.  

See the Difference

Sports therapy is not a quick fix, injuries take time to heal and movement dysfunction takes time to re-train. We aim to reduce pain and discomfort and improve mobility from the first treatment. Any long term improvements will only be seen with adherence to rehabilitation and your long-term  treatment plan. Of course, if it's a de-stressing, relaxing massage you want.....we can do that too.

Services offered

Injury assessment and rehabilitation

Full assessment includes establishing  a history of the complaint, medical health questions and a series of relevant physical testing to establish the root of the issue. Rehabilitation treatments involve massage therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, mobilisations and exercise prescription. 

Sports strapping and K-taping

Pre and post event taping services. Athletic taping for the stabilisation of joints. Kinesio-tape offers only a low level of structural support, and is used to improve joint sense awareness through skin stimulation, reduces swelling and stimulates the body's natural pain relief mechanisms. 

Massage therapy and medical acupuncture

The benefits of medical acupuncture are widespread, not only does the treatment go directly to the muscles involved in the pain or dysfunction, but it also improves organ function, circulation and inflammation, destresses and releases endorphins. Complimenting with massage intergarates the physical changes for a longer effect. 

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I booked an appointment with Tracy after having strained my shoulder. I’ve never knowingly had a sports injury and certainly have never seen anyone in this capacity before; as a children’s yoga teacher, my physical health and mobility is paramount. Tracy gave me advice after a previous brief assessment and I booked in to see her for a full 1 hour assessment and treatment. She was very attentive and thorough in her questioning and assessing of the injury. She gave a thorough massage to the area in question and explained each step, also applying ultrasound to help the healing process. I left with exercises which she recommended I should do and was told another appointment wasn’t necessary but that if I had further complaint of pain, I should only need a 30 minute session. Definitely worth the money - I’ll definitely go again just for a massage and will be recommending to my friends! 

Natalie R London

Tracy Bruce Sports Therapy recently helped me with an upper body problem - major stiffness around the shoulders and neck caused by me not warming up properly before weight training. Not only did she help get rid of the problem but she also spotted a curvature in my lower spine and successfully treated me for that and gave me some very helpful information on how to warm up properly before a work-out. Her advice was so good I haven't need her help since but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to go back or recommend Tracy Bruce Sports Therapy to anyone. Absolutely brilliant treatment. Top marks! 

Scott F London